The Nasdaq Boardvantage®

The Nasdaq Boardvantage® Board Portal is a paperless boardroom for effective corporate engagement.
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Board Excellence Powered by Nasdaq

The Nasdaq Boardvantage® Board Portal is a paperless boardroom for effective corporate engagement.
It is the next generation board portal and leadership team collaboration software from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

Built on the latest technology and designed with industry-leading security features, this software solution can easily scale to meet the dynamic meeting, collaboration and governance needs of corporate and company secretaries, general counsel, board members, and senior management teams and committees. Here are just a few of the ways the Nasdaq Boardvantage portal can help facilitate corporate engagement.

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Features to manage your sensitive information

  • Content segregation: Create TeamSpaces aligned with your organizations divisions and departments
  • Permission settings: Set permissions to entire folders or individual files. Designed to allow specified users access to information in the way it is intended.
  • Data storage: A consolidated view of files and projects. Configure content retention settings to align with your corporate governance policies.

Intuitive and time-saving tools

  • Meeting manager: Create simple or comprehensive meetings in seconds – add details and/or attach files.
  • Boardbook creation: Create a boardbook comprised of any file type. Simply link your agenda with your files.
  • Edit in native: Make last minute edits in a flash. Edit MS Office files uploaded into your portal in the native application. No need to re-upload updated files first.

Collaborate with directors and key stakeholders

  • Annotations: Add annotations to any file. Users can add private notes or share them with other user(s) or group(s).
  • Email: Communicate sensitive information between meetings, limiting potential exposure to unintended public recipients.
  • Presenter mode: Maintain control of meetings, from wherever you are presenting. Control all of a portion of a meeting, keeping everyone on the same page.

Flexible Governance

As with all CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, we work with your organization's existing materials and team to design a better assessment process.
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