Committee Assessments

Evaluate and Strengthen Your Committees with CBE Committee Assessments

Committee Composition is Integral to a Functioning Board

Because much of a board's work is done at the committee level, boards need to have the right committees, and committees need to have the right composition. CBE has conducted assessments of nearly every type of committee – from audit to compensation and education to nuclear. CBE's customizable Committee Assessment process enables boards to identify where their committees are most effective, and opportunities for developing optimally effective governance.

And while Committee Assessments are often conducted simultaneously with the board assessment, a separate, detailed report is prepared for each committee.

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Ethical and competent oversight of financial performance, integrity of accounting and disclosure practices, risk management, and audit processes. Does your audit committee have the expertise to provide effective oversight to ensure that management is doing its job?


Compensation policies align with overall business strategy, enhance shareholder value, and reward individual achievement. Is your compensation committee providing effective oversight to achieve these goals?


Governance oversight and evaluation, director nominations, board and committee composition, CEO succession planning, CSR and ESG strategies. Governance committees are at the heart of governance for most boards. Is your committee performing effectively?


Oversight, approval, and monitoring of investments, acquisitions, assets, and dividend strategies. Is your finance committee acting with the care, skills, and diligence necessary to minimize risk of large losses and maximize returns for your organization?