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CBE has extensive experience conducting both interview and online written board assessments. Our methodology provides a tailored process to meet your board's objectives, save time and expense. Our thoughtful, efficient process has become the industry standard in helping boards improve performance and achieve governance excellence.

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Board Assessments provide valuable insights.

CBE's board assessment process has been designed by directors for directors and executives providing a user-friendly, educational approach to the assessment process. CBE's Board Excellence Assessment™ report provides visually compelling graphics and actionable analysis to turn feedback into action.

EnGauge™ platform for board and management evaluations.

EnGauge™ is the leading platform for customized board and management evaluations. CBE's subject matter experts work along side the board and executive leadership team to enhance board, CEO, and management evaluations. CBE's question libraries can be the source or an augmentation of the evaluation.

Flexible Governance

As with all the CBE questionnaires, evaluations, and training tools, we work with your organization's existing materials and team to design a better assessment process.
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Our data center provides the highest level of security for our clients.


Work with attorneys and corporate governance experts to ensure compliance.


Reduce time and expenses when you utilize CBE's suite of evaluation services.

Data & Analytics

CBE's reporting gives you the facts you need to make important decisions.

Board Assessment Services

CBE provides the World's most accurate, effective, and insightful governance advisement and board evaluation solutions.

Board Evaluations Solutions: Comply, Measure & Excel

A board evaluation is a self-evaluation that builds accountability, compliance and productivity of your corporate board. CBE’s Board Evaluation is a patent-pending, online process designed to systematically educate board members and assess board performance. This confidential, safe, and secure tool is the premier board evaluation available in the corporate governance marketplace.

A New Evaluation Report: Board Excellence Assessment™
The CBE Board Excellence Assessment™ is a tool to promote improved board performance, appraise corporate strategy, examine compliance and assay critical board relationships — a key tool to effective corporate governance.

Board of Directors Self-Evaluation

Individual director self-evaluations enable directors to reflect on their own performance and identify areas for improvement. Self-evaluations are non-invasive in nature and are designed to educate and promote candor. Similar to our CBE Board Evaluation, the CBE Director Self-Evaluation is a tool for increased board awareness and education.

Directors Peer Assessments

Board of directors peer evaluations are perhaps the more candid evaluation of director performance in that they provide in-depth information regarding fellow directors and inner-workings among them. They promote accountability among directors: the evaluation reveals a board's particular strengths, and areas where both directors and board as a whole lacks expertise or is performing short of expectations.

Assessing Skills Needed as your Organization Evolves
Many boards utilize the director peer assessment as both an evalution of individual contribution and a catalyst for discussing future board needs.

Anonymity and Collegiality
Board peer evaluation can be somewhat adversarial in nature. CBE's Peer Evaluation takes great care to encourage collegiality among board members. Directors are encouraged to speak frankly as they are afforded complete anonymity in taking the CBE Peer Evaluation survey.

Audit Committee Evaluation

With the increasing importance of the role of the audit committee comes an increased need for performance measurement of that important function. How can companies know their audit committees are performing effectively, that its members are financially literate and that the highest ethical standards are being observed?

CBE’s internet-based evaluation software is a low-cost, high-benefit solution for the critical need to perform committee evaluations. The challenges of corporate governance affect the bottom line today more than ever. CBE’s state-of-the-art processes increase management’s opportunity to decrease risk and influence profitability by appropriating leadership best practices.

Compensation Committee Evaluation

It is the mandate of the compensation committee to have oversight of the company or organization’s compensation policies. Best practices dictate that such policies align compensation with an overall business strategy. It is also important that these policies tie compensation to long-term strategic performance and enhancement of stockholder value. A performance-oriented environment should also reward achievement of internal goals. In determining the compensation of the CEO or other executives, the committee should look to performance objectives of other similarly situated companies in its own industry. Lastly, the committee should align the financial interests of its executives to those of the company’s stockholders. An annual performance review of the CEO determines if performance is in line with achievement of overall goals and objectives.

Governance Committee Evaluation

Governance is the most influential standing committee of the board of directors. The primary purpose of this committee is to recruit new board members and ensure that board members are prepared to carry out their responsibilities on the board. Additionally, the committee, among other things, is responsible for oversight of succession planning, executive compensation, orientation and continuing education of board members, and ensuring the board engages in annual board evaluations.

Investment Committee Evaluation

Similar to the audit committee, the investment committee mandate has become the assessment of performance as overseers of the entity's assets.

Nonprofit Board Evaluation

The CBE Not-For-Profit (NFP) Survey is similar to the CBE Board Evaluation but designed specifically for a nonprofit organization's board.

Nonprofit Board Governance Starts with Evaluation
This questionnaire examines a nonprofit board’s mission, vision, financial oversight, conflict of interest, ethics, highlighting the board’s strengths, weaknesses, and operational effectiveness. The evaluation integrates Form 990 elements, meaning the board is fulfillling its oversight requirements.

Governance Checklist for Non-Profit Boards

Use this checklist to help your board design and follow foundational practices to successfully promote your organization's mission.

Short Form or Self Evaluation Assistance

The CBE Short-Form Evaluation covers all the major areas of a board evaluation. This 50 question survey can be provided online or electronically in MS Word or Mac Pages. This fully customizable self-evaluation tool is simple and effective. Unlike other services we provide, the Short-Form report includes only raw data and does not include the CBE branded Board Excellence Assessment™.

Management Team Evaluation

Whether a quick review of team status or a deep dive into management team dynamics and strategic execution. The CBE platform is a sophisticated, user friendly, and low cost solution. Choose from our questionnaire library, add custom questions, and initiate the evaluation in less than a week. Our unique reporting provides insightful and actionable output.

Management Evaluation of the Board

Management and board alignment offer a higher probability of success. The board has a mandate to monitor management performance. A 360o style approach is to also offer a management evaluation of the board enhancing the bi-lateral interaction of board and management that enhances the opportunity for communication and alignment.

Strategy Evaluation

Evaluating strategy is integral to enterprise success. The company's board of directors is responsible for monitoring and supporting management's execution on strategy. A client, usually the board chair or corporate secretary, works with CBE's experts, who upload the company's customized strategy evaluation into CBE's patent (pending) process that results in a Strategy Performance Report.

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Your combined online questionnaire and interview process produced the best board evaluation report that I have seen in my over 20 years as a public company director.
Director Fortune 500 company
We have used Center for Board Excellence for two annual board evaluations, and our CEO evaluation. We recommend CBE. The process went well, and directors liked being able to complete the evaluation online.
Corporate Secretary One of America’s top financial institutions
I have just gone through a board evaluation process with The Center for Board Excellence. I would strongly recommend their organization.
Thomas F Darden CEO, Cherokee Fund

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