March 2011

Board of directors cite lack of sufficient oversight of IT risk: Oliver Wyman survey

"Nearly half of corporate board directors are not satisfied with their boards' ability to provide sufficient oversight of IT risk, according to a joint Oliver Wyman and National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey.  Of the more than 200 corporate board directors surveyed, 47% responded they were not satisfied with the ability of their board to provide sufficient oversight of IT risk."  For the full article click here

Roger Church joins the CBE Advisory Board

The Center for Board Excellence is pleased to announce the appointment of Roger Church to our Advisory Board.  Roger brings extensive technology experience to our Board.

Should Boards Monitor Their Strategy Discussions?

By Tony Chapelle March 14, 2011
AGENDA, A Financial Times Service

Most (but not all) board members and governance gurus we asked said developing a formal policy around strategic review would be a good idea. Here’s why.

Byron Loflin, President, Center for Board Excellence: