January 2011

Morrow & Co. Rated #1 in Proxy Advisory

Morrow & Co., LLC, a proxy advisory and solicitation firm, was ranked #1 amongst its industry peers in a satisfaction and loyalty survey of over 1,000 public companies conducted by Group Five Inc., a consulting and corporate services research company. In Group Five’s inaugural study of proxy advisory and solicitation firms, Morrow garnered the highest rating of 98% according to corporate issuers. The survey results placed Morrow atop the rankings of over a dozen Morrow competitors.

Where to Draw a Line on Ethics

"Last week, The New York Times reported that “faced with a run of criticism, including a popular movie, leaders of the American Economic Association, the world’s largest professional society for economists, founded in 1885, are considering a step that most other professions took a long time ago — adopting a code of ethical standards.” As the American Economic Association begins its annual convention in Denver this week, should creating an ethical code for economists be at the top of its agenda?" &nb