Online Process

CBE's Web-based evaluation portal

Our evaluations replace cumbersome manual evaluations.  The benefits of using CBE for your leadership or board evaluation include:

  • Cost Savings - our platform saves time and money keeping, your internal resources focused.
  • Secure -  Using state-of-the-art SSL encryption your data is confidential and safe.
  • Private – CBE questionnaires can be completed from the privacy of your home, office or other location.
  • Confidential - A unique URL link connects you to our secure server and is deleted upon questionnaire completion.
  • Easy - Respondents can take our questionnaires from any wifi-enabled computer or Internet enabled device.
  • Convenient – Within your preset timeline, CBE questionnaires can be started, stopped, and restarted 24/7 at your convenience utilizing the unique URL.
  • Quick – Though highly sophisticated, the CBE online survey process is educational and moves quickly.
  • Unbiased – Old manual processes were costly and influenced by the interviewer.
  • Report – The CBE Leadership or Board Excellence Assessment is a new standard in leadership self-evaluation.  Integrating sophisticated logic, this report helps your group identify key strengths and weaknesses.
  • Customization – Yes, our system allows for customization of evaluations and questions.
  • Action – On receiving the CBE Excellence Assessment, you take action based on the findings.  CBE does not rank or criticize your organization or leadership.  Our objective is to assist and provide an objective report based on your board, committee's or management’s self-evaluation.
  • Compliance – CBE evaluation processes exceed compliance standards.  We can work with your General Counsel or Corporate Governance legal advisor to address specific needs.
  • Beyond the report – Though entirely optional, CBE and the CBE network of Corporate Governance providers can meet a wide range of corporate governance needs.
  • CBE Evaluations – We offer several leadership and board evaluation assessments.  Click here to see a list of our evaluations.

For more information, contact the Center for Board Excellence.